Is Your Home Hazard Free?

Some electrical hazards are obvious, like exposed wiring. But, there are a lot more electric risks that can prevail in your home. We’ve been providing efficient electrical services in Abu Dhabi and have managed to understand the most common electrical hazards in UAE homes. Here’s an Electrical Safety Checklist to really answer the question: Is your home hazard free? And ensure the safety of you and your family.

To Ensure a Hazard Free Home, here’s what you need to keep in mind:


  • Make sure your electrical appliances are kept dry and the sockets that they are plugged into are turned off after every use. 
  • Be careful with electrical cords– if you see a cord that is creating current when you plug it in or is bitter or broken, you must get it replaced immediately. 
  • Be sure to have the right fixtures for your lamps and bulbs, do not force any bulb into a fixture that’s too small. 
  • Leave Electrical Repair to the Experts. 
  • Don’t ignore short circuits, especially if they start to seem persistent. Get your home’s electrical wiring checked immediately, by opting for our Electrical Services in Abu Dhabi.
Fire Hazard Prevention


  • Most home fires are caused by faulty or outdated electrical outlets, which can be prevented by regularly getting an Expert to check on your wiring and outlets.
  • Installing a bulb that has a voltage too high for your lamp can be another reason for a possible fire. Make sure you purchase a bulb with the right voltage.
  • Misuse of extension cords in a way where too many appliances are plugged into it or when the wire gets pulled from one end can be quite hazardous and should be prevented. 
  • Outdated wiring, especially of homes that are over 20 years old can be a common cause of fire outbreaks in homes. Make sure to replace your wiring if you think it’s too old. Book Electrical Services in Abu Dhabi with us for the most efficient solutions!
Bedroom & Living Room Hazard Prevention


  • Portable Heaters should be kept away from objects like newspapers and drapes that can easily catch fire.
  • Smoke alarm batteries must be regularly checked and should always be in working condition.
  • Check for tamper resistant outlets to ensure extra safety for your and your loved ones at home.


Ensure that all your plugs within children’s reach have covers that prevent electric shocks and extension boards are kept away from your children or pet’s reach.

See something that doesn’t tick off your checklist? It’s time to call in our team of experts, offering Electrical Services in Abu Dhabi. Click here to get in touch.