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Our engineering teams routinely perform preventative and reactive maintenance to electrical systems.

Professional Electrical Services in Abu Dhabi

Flickering light-bulbs? Installations? Upgrades?

Whatever your need may be, our professional and well-equipped  Electricians have you covered! 

At 86 Maintenance, our professional electricians are well-versed in providing only the best quality of services for all your residential and commercial Electrical Needs. We specialize in electrical maintenance works, not just for your homes, but also for retail stores, offices, government departments and more across Abu Dhabi. 

Don’t risk the safety of yourself and your family– hire 86 Maintenance to take care of your electrical needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The booking process is relatively simple. You can feel free to call us on +971 54 503 8686 and we’ll be happy to accept your booking with the best date and time feasible for you. 

No, you shouldn’t hear noises when you turn a switch on and off. Popping, crackling, sizzling noises are usually an indication there is a loose connection behind the wall plate. Loose connections can overheat and melt the wires. So if you have loose wiring or hear popping/ sizzling sounds, give us a call right away! 

Our electricians carry a lot of electrical parts – fuses, spare lights, switches, wire, cables etc. We certainly hope to carry a wide range of parts to enable us to fix and replace faulty parts and get your electrical system working as quickly as possible. However, with the diversity of electrical systems, it is just not possible to carry every part that you might come across, but based on inspection, we can purchase on your behalf, the list of items that we would be needing during the repair/ fixation. 

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