8 Interior Designing Trends in Abu Dhabi You Must Know

Your home should always tell a story of who you are and what you love, and that is possible by paying a little attention to your Interiors. Here are 8 Interior Design Trends in Abu Dhabi you must know to add some extra pizazz to your living space!

Where Art Meets Science, Through These Architectural Trends

Botanical Works


Be it a nature inspired wallpaper or plants spread across your living room, nature is ‘back in trend’ and we’re loving absolutely every moment of it! If you’re looking for Interior Design Services in Abu Dhabi to help add a natural touch to your modern home, we’ve got you covered. We can play around with plants, stones and tiles to give you a down-to-earth space that adds to the calmness of your home.


We have been providing professional Interior Design Services in Abu Dhabi for a few years now and we have noticed that our Clients have been opting for shades of brown, now more than ever! They prefer colors like chocolate brown, caramel and beige that help give their space a more welcoming look and feel. These colors give a sober light aesthetic that goes with light wall colors for example cream or white which can really elevate your space.


Another interior design trend that’s taking residents of Abu Dhabi by storm, is bright and automated lighting that helps promote productivity and sets a better overall mood. In 2022 people are opting for high-tech lighting systems that can be easily set according to the environment and mood. Lighting can also be used as home decor as there are vast design options available as well, for example, garden lamps (old aesthetic expression), quad lights, track lights, etc.


The pandemic has brought upon a new way of living. People now prefer doing a lot more things at home, than they did before Corona. As a result, multifunctional spaces have become a trend. People prefer spaces where they can perform different tasks and can as well chill. Some people have created home offices in their houses and some have dedicated spaces for meditation and exercising. If you’re looking for the best advice on multifunctional spaces, click here to consult with us.


Curved furniture is a trend that’s not only unique but is also a relatively safe interior space option, especially if you have kids and pets at home, so they can play around fearlessly without you having to worry about them being hurt.


Abu Dhabi’s Elite has always loved a good antique collection in their homes, but now everyone’s adding more and more art and antiques as part of their Interior Design, as a status symbol and a way of creating a finer space setting. 


If you love all things colorful, then this is the trend for you! If you have a house with a minimalistic design and you want to spice it up without going through a lot of trouble then, you can add an impression wall. These walls are very trendy and you can get very creative in the selection of designs. This signature wall can be anything, patterns, painting, or just abstract.

Wooden Tiles


Marble tiles have always led Abu Dhabi, but people are looking for comfort in their homes, now more than ever. That’s why wooden tiles have come to a rise in popularity and are more often preferred by younger couples and people looking to build their first home or just redecorate.

If you’re confused about how to add these trendy options to your home, we’ve got your back. Click here to get in touch with Abu Dhabi’s most reliable and creative Team of Interior Design Specialists.