6 Reasons Why Servicing Your Air Conditioner is Important

You can find Air Conditioning in 90% of homes across the UAE, but only 34% choose to regularly service it. Not servicing your air conditioner regularly can lead to several problems, and here are 6 reasons why servicing your air conditioner is important.

Keep Your Air Conditioning From Breaking Down by Servicing It Regularly!


As a long-term provider of air conditioning repair services, we have noticed that Clients that regularly got their ACs serviced, ended up enjoying the benefits of air conditioning for much longer than ones that didn’t service it regularly. 

If air conditioners aren’t regularly serviced, their internal system begins to get clogged and dusty, which limits the cool air that comes out of it and over time your air conditioner ends up breaking down altogether. 

Air Conditioners aren’t cheap to install in the first place so you need to make sure to take care of them, to save up on money and make them last much longer.


An air conditioner does more than just pump cool air into your home. It also contributes towards providing better air quality. As the air is moved through the filter provided in ACs, cleaner air is pumped out of it. These filters end up getting dirty and must be replaced from time to time to ensure the quality of air in your home, and keep your loved ones safe. 

As part of our AC Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi, we always make sure to check and clean the filter or replace it, to ensure that your Air Conditioner runs smoothly.

Reduces Humidity Indoors


The benefits of AC repair include reduced humidity inside your home. While the air is moving through the cooling and filtration system, the excess water is also being drawn out of it.

Humidity inside of a home is a problem because it can cause issues like mold or mildew. These can have serious impacts on the health of residents, especially those with respiratory issues.

If your home is feeling a little too humid, it is important to check your air conditioner to solve this problem. Our air conditioning repair service technician will be able to check humidity levels within your home and help you make decisions for your system based on the results.


A faulty air conditioning system does more than make your house warm. It can increase the electricity usage and end up costing you a lot more money than a timely air conditioning repair service would.

Working and well-serviced air conditioning systems, on the other hand, can help you save up on electricity bills and be more energy efficient.


There’s nothing more disturbing than an air conditioner that makes too much noise. It can come in the way of everything you do and reduce your productivity. 

An unserviced machine may have to work harder to spin, and complete each cycle which causes a lot of extra, unwanted noise. Getting your air conditioner regularly serviced can keep it running smoothly. 

The good news is that these things can easily be fixed by a professional. Whatever type of AC Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi you may need, 86 Maintenance has you covered.


It may come as a surprise, but dirty filters can attract pests into your homes, especially during the summer months. 

The filters that are a part of an air conditioning system also do a great job of stopping any bugs from getting into the circulating air as well. This can be especially important for those people who have allergies or respiratory problems.

While your AC repair service technician is checking the filters to make sure they’re doing this job fully, they can also check the unit for new inhabitants.

Occasionally in the colder months, animals will find shelter within an AC unit. This usually involves a bird making a nest or a small critter building a home. It’s important to check for this before turning the system on for the first time.

If you and your family rely heavily on your air conditioning system to provide you with fresh, cool air during this season, you should consider getting your AC Maintenance Service in Abu Dhabi to ensure the efficient working of your Air Conditioning. Click here to book a home visit for your next AC Maintenance!