4 Reasons Why You're Struggling With Low Shower Pressure

“Not again”, is an understatement when you step into the shower and you’re greeted with low water pressure. But we have been providing expert Plumbing Services in Abu Dhabi, and here are 4 Reasons Why You’re Struggling With Low Shower Pressure. 

And How You Don’t Have To Live With It


This could be the most common reason for low water pressure in showers, but it can be fixed. 

Over time, mineral deposits can accumulate inside the small holes of the showerhead, disrupting or blocking the water flow. 

To remove the mineral build-up, let the showerhead sit in a bowl or bag filled with vinegar overnight. Next, use a small tool to brush or poke any remaining sediment from the showerhead holes.


Water pressure helps keep your water pressure at a safe range. Unfortunately, this important component can fail, allowing the pressure to get excessively low or high. The water pressure regulator is typically located on the water supply line before it enters the home and should only be replaced by a qualified plumber. But, don’t you worry– we’re only a call away. Click here to Book Plumbing Services in Abu Dhabi

Corroded or Leaking Pipes


Old pipes, especially ones made from metal, can corrode or rust from the inside. If mineral deposits are stuck in a water supply pipe, they can disrupt the flow to your shower (or other faucets). Similarly, if you have a small leak somewhere in your plumbing, low water pressure could be a noticeable symptom. 

It’s important to get these pipes located in time by a professional so that they can fix the leak as soon as possible.


If the low water pressure in your shower is a problem you face only when you’re opting for hot water, it could be an underlying issue with your water heater itself and now your showerhead. 

Using a low-load water heater when your plumbing is designed to pull in more water can be one of the most common reasons that could cause this. A quick inspection by a professional plumber can help you understand the root cause of this problem.

If you’ve tried and tested everything yourself and don’t want to put up with low shower pressure for even a day longer, Click here to Book Plumbing Services in Abu Dhabi and our Trained Plumbers will be happy to help solve this problem for you!